Five Mistakes that The Walking Dead Needs to Avoid in Season 4

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The trailer for Season 4 is out, and I am pumped.


The Walking Dead is not the best show on television, but it is my favorite show on television. Its nerve-racking twists and emotional depth make it one of the most entertaining programs on the small screen and invigorate the tired zombie genre. Still, the show has had its flaws, but we all know that the fastest track to improvement is learning from past mistakes. Here are the top five errors that the show really needs to correct:

SPOILER WARNING: The rest of the article contains major spoilers for the first three seasons of The Walking Dead. If you haven’t gotten all the way through the existing episodes, I recommend you stop reading to avoid colossal disappointment.


1. Avoid a Static Setting

One of the best things about the first season was its exploration of the post-apocalyptic world. The…

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‘The Conjuring’ Review

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The-Conjuring-2013-Movie-Title-BannerInspired by true events in the 1970’s, renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga) are called upon to help the Perron family after they begin to experience multiple signs of demonic spirits within their new home. They soon realize this is more dangerous than anything they’ve ever experienced before.

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